What is the The Daily Sangbad

The Daily Sangbad began in Bangladesh on May 17,1951. The oldest Bengali newspaper was founded by Giashuddin Ahmed and the original editor, Khairul Kabir. The original owner was Nasiruddin Ahmad. The newspaper went through many owners including the Muslim League, who bought The Daily Sangbad a year later but only kept it for two years. The newspaper was very critical of the government in the 195Os, 1960s, and 1970s. It looked like the end of the paper in 1954, until it was revived. Things seemed along well for the paper until 1971. Because of its strong opinions about the government back in 1971 during the Bangladesh Liberation War, the printing presses were burned and destroyed. This caused the workers to find a way to replace the equipment and rethink the paper’s contents. The Daily Sangbad would remain closed down until after December 16,1971 when the nine-month war ended. The newspaper started up again on March 9, 1972 and has been going strong .

The middle Twentieth Century 

The Daily Sangbad was very critical of the Bangladesh political landscape in the 1950s and 1960s. It was very opposed to the government style of political leader Ayub Kahan. Khan was the second Pakistan president from October 27, 1958 until March 25, 1969. Bangladesh was a province that was part of Pakistan from 1947 until it gained independence at the end of 1971. In 1972, Bangladesh began structuring their own government. The Daily Sangbad was right there reporting the good and bad of the government. Ahmodul Kabir rescued the newspaper and was editor until he passed away in 2003. He was succeeded by Altamas Kabir, who wasn’t the 39th Chief Justice of India. The staff of Daily Sangbad is a Who’s Who of Bengal journalists. Sangbad also has many noted people, including Habibur Rahman and Santosh Gupta contributing articles to the newspaper. Daily Sangbad is dedicated to publishing accurate news that includes political news about the forces of Khaledia Zia and the election of Bangladesh’s first female president , Shirin Charmin Chowdhury. Daily Sangbad is divided into many interesting section that include Exclusive, Crime, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Health and Medical, Sports, a section for women, and others. This newspaper was the first Bengal newspaper to take interest in providing a section that would appeal to women.


Protesters played loud music to protest Nazmul Huq who wants to boost the ties with Opel Fund. Two policemen were killed when they tried to make the protesters lower the volume. Bangladesh is having a problem with finding enough teachers in the field of a education. Because there are no indoor schools, many students and teachers do not show up during the rainy season. Dressois 18 Ward election are postponed due to an four among in suspension
. Bangladesh is having some problems with their school budget. Cox’s Bazar border is having with drug smugglers between Myanmar and India. Buyers at a trade Fair can be attracted by customers who seek a good deal in furniture. In 165 years since it stated the Pabna District is holding their annual festival. Musician Samrami Akter passed away on the way to the hospital on January 16. The 62-year-old was suffering from breast cancer for six years. January 20, 2018 meeting is cancelled because freedom fighter group is considered fake and is accused of writing six bad checks. A medical student at Dhaka Medical /college was stabbed . It took 15 hours and 48 stitches to treat the unconscious medical student. Finally, there is no news criticizing the government.


Shakib al Hasan played with baseball team ODI. Sports enthusiasts would also want to read about Subrbera innings against Sri Lanka. Daily Sangbad interviewed for his side of the story.

Health and Wellness 

The Daily Sangbad offered articles like increasing your sex drive by eating garlic. This newspaper offers any tips on improving sex drive. The Daily Sangbad offers seven ideas to know whether or not a woman is pregnant. Each section of news seems to have a topic per day like sex and pregnancy in the health section and baseball in the sports section. The Daily Sangbad is available on line. The daily paper is currently owned by The Sangbad LTD, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 


Shakib wants to divorce his affiliation with Delta APU. There many articles concerning both sides of the issue.


Like many newspapers, Sangbad has a Facebook page. The Delta APU and Shakib are big news on Facebook.

Differences Between Old and New News and Media Stations

There are several differences between the old and new news and media stations.


The models of success are going to be measure a lot differently because today the model is more complex. Therefore, the media outlets are going to relay on more metrics than usual in order to drive their business. This means that they are going to focus more on the platforms like social media like when a person watches a video. The media will have the goal of driving the reader to come back to the website by publishing different types of content that the readers might already be reading. Some websites are going to use the Instant Articles feature from Facebook because it can present a lot of new opportunities for specific publishing for the platform.

Community Building

A lot of the new media companies are going to place a lot more time on building up the community. This is because they believe in the concept that if you build it, then people will come. Some of the new jobs available to journalism because of this is audience development manager, growth editor, and distributed content editor. With all of these new jobs, they can open up some opportunities for being able to build some loyalty among all of the readers. This means that the companies of new media is going to take a pride in the characteristics of their communities when the vibe is positive. Therefore, the companies are not going to be wasting any time with the negative critiques. With this optimism, the new media is going to properly take on some of the challenges of the past media might have been dealing with. But it is very important to remember that they are going to have their own challenges that might happen.


The new media companies understand that not only are the celebrities going to be in the news, but the celebrities are also going to help to create the news too. This means that they need to share some of the pieces that the celebrities are doing on their own. For example, there was recently an actress who had a news brief about the fact that some of her male co-stars were making a lot more money than her. Another actress created her own publication to show that off her more quirky style that she might not always be able to show in her movies and tv shows. Because of the popularity of this publication, it was bought by a publishing company for a lot of money.

New revenue

The new media websites are going to be able to generate new revenue channels. One celebrity has a newsletter that she publishes in a variety of different topics that range from advice in parenting and recipes for detox. Inside of the website, there is a shop section where people can buy some of the products that the actress likes to use. One of the main reasons why this product is going to be so appealing to the audience of the publication is because the actress likes to use it so it is definitely not a new concept. But this concept is becoming a lot more common and is often doing to be woven inside of the experience for the reader of the media. There are also some media channels that have gift boxes based on subscriptions. This means that there is going to be a lot of emphasis on the branding efforts that they are able to work into the merchandising department.

Mobile Friendly

The new media stations are going to need to be able to be read through a person’s cellphone. This is because a lot of people are going to be using their cellphone to view a lot of websites. Most of the older news media stations did not have this ability because cellphones were not popular when they were building their website. Therefore, the newer companies will need to take the extra step to make sure that their content can be seen clearly on a person’s tablet or smartphone. If a person is not able to view the content, then they are not going to visit the website again so the company is going to lose their business. This is not going to be good for a new company that is trying to make their way in a world that can be very competitive.

These are just some of the differences between the old and new news and media stations.

Social Media and how Escorts are using it to Promote Personal Companionship

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Social Media Changed How We Read Out Digital News

Social media has completely changed the way that we read our news, and it is important for people to understand that they can get a lot out of the news if they have made the choice to read their news through the social media platform that they like the most. This also means that a lot of people are going to want to be sure that they can have the kinds of news they need even if they are just looking around and seeing little bits of news here and there. You could pretty easily get what you need, and you can completely alter how you will have your life changed, and you will be pretty sure that you have done a few things that you will do. You should be sure that you have done a few things that you will want to do. You should be sure that you have done a few things that are going to work out for you.

There are some things that are going to work out for you, and you also have to see if you can find the place to read your news that would be the most beneficial or helpful to you. Some people want to see the whole articles posted with the links, but other people want to see the much more simple ways that they can read the news in little snippets. There are some snippets that are going to make their lives better. It could be pretty hard for people to be sure that you can make the news that you see is so much easier. You should also be sure that you have read in a place that you know will give you the best information. Your information has to be found in a place that is going to be the best place for you to read. You might have wanted to know what you can to be sure that you have made some choices so that you can get the social media that will work out right for you.

You can sign up for every one of the social media places that you want to go to, and you can get the news that you really want so that you will feel your best to better know that you have the right things that you will want. You should also be sure that you have the things that you will need because of how you can get the things that you need.

You probably have a lot of things that you need so that you can change the way that you consume the news. Consuming the news is going to be something that you have to take seriously, and it is going to be very hard for you to learn about the world if you do not have the things that you need. You can share your own comments, and you can make sure that you have the things that you want. You should also be sure that you have shared with your comments and articles with the people that you know because they are going to make it right for you to learn. You can learn about the world around you, and you should also be sure that you have thought over what might have happened if you were not able to read front he very beginning. There are many places where people have to get caught up by these articles, and it can be handled really easily because you are going to have something that is going to make your life easier. You might have a few things that you can learn every day just by skimming through your news, and you can rely on social media because it is updated in real time. Those kinds of updates make your life a lot easier, and they can make it so that you will feel your best. You will be pretty sure that you have planned out what you will read, and then you can go from there.

The person who is trying to be sure that they can have the best news running across their screen is going to find out that they can make all the changes that they need to their life based on what they read when they are in their social media accounts. Social media tells people all the things that they need to know, and it tells them these things at the moments that they happen in real time.