Differences Between Old and New News and Media Stations

There are several differences between the old and new news and media stations.


The models of success are going to be measure a lot differently because today the model is more complex. Therefore, the media outlets are going to relay on more metrics than usual in order to drive their business. This means that they are going to focus more on the platforms like social media like when a person watches a video. The media will have the goal of driving the reader to come back to the website by publishing different types of content that the readers might already be reading. Some websites are going to use the Instant Articles feature from Facebook because it can present a lot of new opportunities for specific publishing for the platform.

Community Building

A lot of the new media companies are going to place a lot more time on building up the community. This is because they believe in the concept that if you build it, then people will come. Some of the new jobs available to journalism because of this is audience development manager, growth editor, and distributed content editor. With all of these new jobs, they can open up some opportunities for being able to build some loyalty among all of the readers. This means that the companies of new media is going to take a pride in the characteristics of their communities when the vibe is positive. Therefore, the companies are not going to be wasting any time with the negative critiques. With this optimism, the new media is going to properly take on some of the challenges of the past media might have been dealing with. But it is very important to remember that they are going to have their own challenges that might happen.


The new media companies understand that not only are the celebrities going to be in the news, but the celebrities are also going to help to create the news too. This means that they need to share some of the pieces that the celebrities are doing on their own. For example, there was recently an actress who had a news brief about the fact that some of her male co-stars were making a lot more money than her. Another actress created her own publication to show that off her more quirky style that she might not always be able to show in her movies and tv shows. Because of the popularity of this publication, it was bought by a publishing company for a lot of money.

New revenue

The new media websites are going to be able to generate new revenue channels. One celebrity has a newsletter that she publishes in a variety of different topics that range from advice in parenting and recipes for detox. Inside of the website, there is a shop section where people can buy some of the products that the actress likes to use. One of the main reasons why this product is going to be so appealing to the audience of the publication is because the actress likes to use it so it is definitely not a new concept. But this concept is becoming a lot more common and is often doing to be woven inside of the experience for the reader of the media. There are also some media channels that have gift boxes based on subscriptions. This means that there is going to be a lot of emphasis on the branding efforts that they are able to work into the merchandising department.

Mobile Friendly

The new media stations are going to need to be able to be read through a person’s cellphone. This is because a lot of people are going to be using their cellphone to view a lot of websites. Most of the older news media stations did not have this ability because cellphones were not popular when they were building their website. Therefore, the newer companies will need to take the extra step to make sure that their content can be seen clearly on a person’s tablet or smartphone. If a person is not able to view the content, then they are not going to visit the website again so the company is going to lose their business. This is not going to be good for a new company that is trying to make their way in a world that can be very competitive.

These are just some of the differences between the old and new news and media stations.